How to lock WhatsApp free Chat with your fingerprint?

It makes sense that you live in a home with many children who often mess with your telephone and watch the recording. However, this is fine by you, so you won’t need them to see your WhatsApp.

This chat locker chat coverup application lets you ensure the most mainstream messaging and chat applications you can use, WhatsApp chat, Facebook chat and more. Protect your security and you can design to hide pictures and recordings from the display of your gadget by entering a secret key. After installation, you will be requested to set a 6-digit PIN, and show the setup option to select these applications. You can adjust the auto-lock time, so you don’t have to enter a PIN every time you change a task on your gadget. In the event that you enter an off-base PIN and your phone has a front camera, it will capture the image of the interloper and save it inside the application. Chat Locker: Bolt speaks and adds a secret phrase to all your messaging, SMS, chat, messaging, email applications on your gadget. It does this by adding a pin / pattern to any of your messaging and SMS applications. Message Locker guarantees secure door protection for any message and message and prevents anyone from using your telephone.

Effectively save your private and WhatsApp discussions and protect them using passwords. On the whole occasion you need to bolt part of your WhatsApp chat, while you may be opposed to locking the entire application, currently there is an application that locks specific chats. goes.

The most effective way to use:

1: For the first time through installation, set the security question / answer to the point that you need to ignore and retrieve the secret phrase, then use the security question / answer to get the secret key. Ltd. Do it

2: Then compile your 6-digit secret sentence.

3: Then add your own chats to this chat locker and lock them.

4: Change the default theme, change the secret phrase, retrieve the secret key, and strengthen the secret key with settings.

Free to use:

– Great application to lock WhatsApp chat.

– Hide your own WhatsApp chat from others.

– Use less space and assets.

– Protect your secret question with your security question.

– Lock / unlock personal chat with 6 digit secret key.

– Use the unique imprint of your finger to open the secret key as well.

– Amazing theme available for locker.

– Easy structure and interface is easy to use.

– Only minimum permission is required.

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